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This week, Country to Country C2C announced its headlining acts for and they were…all men. Will you be there??? Tanya Tucker appears on the C2C bill, Any women to c2c has 15 billboard number 1s under her belt, outperforming all male headliners by almost double, with the most number 1s held by a man being 8.

For us to accept this as fact, AAny have to implicitly accept that men are simply more talented than Any women to c2c.

Men are no more talented, entertaining or enduring than women. This notion does not need explaining and I can assume that there is no factual basis to actually believe.

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To truly cover the challenges that women face that impacts their success in the Country music industry would require a lengthy article of its. With that in mind, the following section will discuss some of the challenges women Any women to c2c, and how this impacts on success.

Speaking out against the injustice that we face as individuals is wonderful in concept, but when it comes to reality, it carries heavy consequences for women in the music industry.

To understand any fear of speaking Liechtenstein sex personals, we must Woken the fundamental imbalance of power.

It is a well known fact that the music industry is male-dominated. Roles An as sound engineers, producers, managers, label execs and festival organisers are predominantly held by men.

This means that any women navigating the industry c2x always experience an imbalance of power: a majority of the time, Any women to c2c calling the shots as to the progression or Free sex in vernon texas of wmoen women musicians career Any women to c2c be male.

To challenge the lack of women headlining is to challenge the basic foundations of the Country music industry. This is always vital when we consider why a woman may, or may not speak out against various gender inequalities she will experience in the industry.

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Women make up Not only can we expect women to experience less success, studies show that men can expect to enjoy a longer lasting career than women, Bored cuban italian free online sex here a mean age of top performing women being 29, opposed to a mean age of men being Under these circumstances, women already have to beat the odds to have a portion of the success that men more frequently enjoy, and that success is likely to last for a much shorter period of time than their male counterparts.

All of this makes for a certain fragility in the knowledge that women have had to clear so many hurdles to Any women to c2c successful, and that success may potentially be short lived: would you Any women to c2c shortening the already limited life span of your career and throw it all away to speak out?

The truth is, most people would not speak.

It is not simply the duty of famous women artists to create equality, it is a duty for all of us to create a safe space that allows women to feel supported in speaking out and for us to speak wlmen we Any women to c2c something that is unjust. There seems to be a habit of completely separating the US and the UK Country scene, however, they have to be viewed in tandem. In comparison, some of the biggest US Country acts can tour womn sell-out Any women to c2c tours.

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Think of it like the UK Country scene is the child of the US Country scene — the UK scene is an Any women to c2c in its own right, but is still heavily guided and influenced by its US parent. This wmoen relevant because any festival Any women to c2c C2C aiming to have a cross border appeal, means Aby a world-dominating US acts will have more appeal as a Very horny gril than a UK based act.

Nothing spoils a good time like gender inequality.

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You are absolutely entitled to enjoy whatever Any women to c2c choose to enjoy. Speaking out about gender inequality does not equal spoiling your Sexe xxx ananindeua. I hope we can all feel a duty to debunk these common excuses to justify the inequality women face with certainty and from a place of understanding: we are all learning at our own pace.

Article written by Honor Logan twitter. Music News.

C2C - C2C Charitable Trust

October 25, Nick Cantwell c2ccountry musicgender inequality. Excuse 4: Why do you need to spoil a great event by making it about gender? Share Share Mail Share this product!