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Tyson Motsenbocker: Mourning, Loss and New Life

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Tyson Mostenbocker

Tyson Mostenbocker is a singer and songwriter. Birthed after the death of his mother, his debut album, Letters to Lost Loves, was widely acclaimed and well-received for its creativity, rawness and thought-provoking nature.  In our interview, Tyson open’s up about this season of his life, his 600 mile walk up the Pacific Coast Highway and the true power of music.


Letters to Lost Loves is the title of Tyson’s widely acclaimed debut album with Tooth and Nail Records. (Pictured here is the red vinyl edition of the album.)

3 Big Takeaways:

  1. Life is found in the in-between.
  2. Music helps us visit different emotional landscapes.
  3. What you are does not matter as much as who you are.

Some questions I ask:

What is it about music that draws you into music? (12:53)

What are some healthy ways that spiritual communities can help people mourn? (24:37)

Sneak Peak of More:

How Sadness Highlights Happiness (6:16)

Losing a Loved One (16:13)

Mourning and Pain (19:38)

How Doubt Deepens Our Spirituality (28:03)


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