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#122: Top 10 Moments of 2018

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Here is a look at the defining moments of the show’s second year. Hear from the likes of JP Dominguez (Producer, Hazlo Media), Jessica LaHey (New York Times Best-Selling Author), Paul Hockemeyer (Specialized Therapist for High Achievers) and many others.

  1. Alicia Britt CholeWhen Expectations Steal Your Childlike Joy // Re-defining Success
  2. Cameron BeyembergHow is your heart?
  3. Fraser VenterPassing the Baton to Future Generations
  4. JP DominguezBe Humble with Your Status and Power
  5. Janette Ok Overt and Covert Sexism in the Workplace
  6. Mark W. BakerThe Myth of Materialism
  7. Jennifer PhillipsWhen Your Kids don’t Bow Down to Your Idols
  8. Jean-Marie JobsHeroic Leadership and Living
  9. Jessica Lahey“Process over Product” in Parenting
  10. Paul HockemeyerThe Addiction Nature to Fame


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