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Luis Mangandi: The Struggles and Challenges of Today’s Families

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Luis Mangandi is a radio talk show host, youth speaker and pastor. For more than three decades, he has traveled to speak all around the world in places such as Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean. He has spoken to young people in everywhere from camps to schools to universities to stadiums about finding their purpose.

His radio program, “Generación en Crisis” (Generation in Crisis), has been heard my millions. He is currently an Executive Pastor of Comunidad Cristiana in Burbank and in the process of writing some books on the topics of youth, family and parenting.

3 Big Takeaways

  1. Children and youth are drawn to authenticity. When you are honest about your mistakes and own up to them, you’ll find that your kids will trust you more and be further drawn to you.
  2. Just because you did not have something as a child does not mean that your children should not have that as well.  Don’t make your children pay for the mistakes of your parents. Just because you did not have a father at home does not mean that your children should not. Just because your parents were not affectionate with you does not mean that you should deprive your kids from your affection.
  3. Find mentors. Who do you admire? Who is living the life you want to live? Who has a good marriage? These are helpful questions that will help you find a good mentor. Mentors will help you become the parent and spouse you long to be.

Some questions I ask:

  • Why do you think youth are so drawn to you? (7:57)
  • How can parents break the dysfunctional cycles that have been passed down for past generations? (16:04)

Sneak Peak of More:

  • Marriage as Foundation for Parenting (22:02)
  • Children-Centered Marriages (25:53)
  • Abandonment and Abuse in Families (32:10)
  • The Words that Our Kids Need to Hear (39:21)

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