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Trauma, Diversity and Loneliness with Dr. Tania Abouezzeddine

Dr. Tania Abouezzeddine is a Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychologist. She is currently an associate professor of psychology at Biola, previously at the University of Southern California. Through both experience and study, she has come to be a specialist in a number of areas and topics, including trauma, pediatric psychology, cross-cultural psychology and clinical neuropsychology. Abouezzeddine graduated from the American…

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Dr. Sharon Spano: Time, Money and Your Soul

Dr. Sharon Spano is a business strategist, speaker, author and Professional Integral Coach. Equipped from insights and wisdom she has gleaned from both academia and practice, Sharon helps leaders, achievers and entrepreneurs grow in effectiveness and discover greater fulfillment in their lives. Her new book, The Pursuit of Time and Money, leads readers through a journey of…

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Dr. Nathan Church: Why Can’t You Accept Me the Way I Am?

Dr. Nathan Church has over 30 years of experience in marriage/family therapy and counseling. He is the creator of the Thinking Style Assessment, which he details in his book, Why Can’t You Accept Me the Way I Am?: Understanding Thinking Style Differences to Foster Effective Relationships. As an expert in sociology and psychology, he has authored journal articles,…

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