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Sex and Relationships with Rowena Rodriguez

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Rowena Rodriguez is the founder of Plain Jane Project, a Christian non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California, that is dedicated to ministering to people in the areas of sexual integrity and purity. She is also a fashion designer who has designed for a number of well-known brands, such as Forever 21, Arden B, and Guess. Not to mention, she now has her own line, Evangenista.

3 Big Takeaways:

  1. Sex is a good thing. Sex is, often, seen as something shameful in spiritual communities; however, it was something that was divinely created. While our sexual choices have the potential to be very damaging, embracing our sexuality in the way it was designed to be enjoyed can be one of the best things ever!
  2. Parents should be diligent and intentional about beginning to talk to their kids about sex at an early age. Parents have the potential to be either the most influential or least influential people in the lives of their kids, as it relates to sexuality and relationships. Contrary to what others might think, this is actually a conversation that can be discussed in different ways in different seasons throughout a child’s development.
  3. Singles and married people have a lot to teach each other. While books, podcast and talks on the areas of relationships can be a positive thing, spending time with people with healthy romantic relationships can be very helpful for single people. Likewise, there are probably some things that single people can also teach married people in the process.

Some questions I ask:

  • Why is sex such a taboo topic in spiritual communities? (4:24)
  • How do you integrate spirituality into your work as a fashion designer? (34:34)

Sneak Peak of More:

  • Re-framing and Re-Visiting the Conversation on Sexual Integrity and Purity (14:46)
  • Shame for Past Sexual Decisions (19:59)
  • Biggest and Most Common Struggles of Romantic Relationship Struggles (25:51)
  • The Idolatry of Marriage (29:31)


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