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Seth Buechley: Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Ambition

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Seth Buechley is a serial-entrepreneur and business founder who has founded several multi-million dollar companies.

An experienced keynote speaker and emcee, Seth is dedicating this phase of his life to impact the next generation of leaders through writing, speaking and coaching. He is the author of the new book, Ambition: Leading with Gratitude. The book was written for highly-driven people and tackles the plaguing question of why ambitious people struggle to find satisfaction and how they can achieve lasting leadership impact.


What We Explore in this Episode:

  • Fueld by Trauma, Drama, and the Struggles of Life
  • Morals, Conscience and Ambition
  • Driven-People and Empathy
  • Caring About People and Goals
  • Learning to Have Fun and Enjoy Life
  • Spiritual Practices to Help You Stay Grounded


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