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Optimal Health and Performance with Dr. Phil Carson

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Dr. Phil Carson is the Founder and President of Carson Natural Health, Co-Founder of the Life Transformation Medical Center, a Registered Pharmacist in MS, a Doctor of Pharmacy in TN, and an advocate for integrative natural solutions for health.

He lives near Tupelo, Mississippi with his beautiful wife Kim. He’s a proud father and grandfather.

In this episode, Dr. Phil Carson sits down with us to talk about his book, How to Live Until You Die: The 7 Keys to Living Happy, Healthy and Whole. He shares some valuable knowledge on practical habits that will you achieve the most you can and truly live the life you truly want to live.



What We Explore in this Episode:

  • The Shortcomings of Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • Emotional Eating and Fast Food
  • Sleep and Productivity
  • Water and Joint Pain
  • How Soul Sickness can be Debilitating You



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