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Kathy Khang on Being Female and Asian American

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Kathy Khang is a brilliant, winsome and compelling voice in matters that deal with the intersection of faith, race, culture and gender. As an Asian American Woman, she has been instrumental in helping others see the struggles, challenges, gifts and blessings that women like her experience with her identity and cultural background. She is a sought-after speaker that has spoken in a number of gatherings, such as Q Ideas,  Youth Specialties – National Youth Workers’ Convention, and Mosaix National Conference. She is also the co-author of the book, More Than Serving Tea – Asian American Women on Expectations, Relationships, Leadership and Faith. She is a columnist for Sojourners Magazine and blogs at  


3 Big Takeaways:

  1. While individuality may have its strengths, keeping the greater good in mind is needed as well. Although Asian American culture can have the tendency of promoting duty over individuality, especially with women, Kathy conveyed the positives of being diligent and audacious when dutifulness is needed in life.
  2. Numbing your pain falls short of its promise. Whether it is pain that has come about from experiences related to your cultural background or something else, numbing your pain does not truly take the pain away. The first step to finding healing is feeling and acknowledging the pain.
  3. Having a bi-cultural experience is a gift. It enables you to pick up on nuances, enriches your cultural awareness and equips you with the ability to move in and out of different spaces.

What We Explore in This Episode:

  • Growing Up as an Asian American Girl (4:30)
  • Different Rules at Home and School (13:20)
  • The Deep Pain of Not Being Boy in an Asian American Home (31:56)
  • The Gift of Being an Asian American Women (38:05)


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