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Jennifer Shuchmann: Stepping into Other People’s Shoes

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Jennifer Shuchmann is an award-winning, New York Times Best-Selling author.

She has written collaborative works with individuals such as Megachurch Pastor Jim Cymbala, Superbowl MVP Kurt Warner, Grammy Award-Winner Laura Story, American Idol Finalist Scott MacIntyre and many others.

In addition to writing, Jennifer is an in-demand speaker and is the host of the television program, Right Now with Jennifer.

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3 Big Takeaways

  1. Knowing people’s stories helps us better understand others and connect with them. Everyone has a set of intricate experiences and people that have helped shape them. When we hear people’s stories, we are then able to know where they are coming from. As we know were they are coming from, we are then able to better connect with them.
  2. Hustle, but don’t push. There is a thin line between the two. Both require dedication, commitment and work. “Pushing” comes at the expense of others and is continuing on a course that is destined to fail. Hustle is working hard with a heart that is open to adapting to feedback.
  3. Follow your success. When thinking about where to invest your time and energy, it is important to take note of where you have been successful. Though you may not believe in yourself, your success will give you valuable feedback, as to where you can possibly invest your time and energy.

Some questions I ask:

  • How was your upbringing like? (3:21)
  • There seems to be this them of curiosity in your life story. How has curiosity impacted your success and life? (10:07)

Sneak Peak of More

  • Beginning as a Writer (10:08)
  • A New, Powerful Way to Approach to the 2016 Presidential Election and the Presidential Candidates (25:29)
  • How Kurt Warner, Laura Story, Jim Cymbala and others have impacted Jennifer’s life (28:26)
  • The Business Side of Writing (34:18)


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