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Inside the World of Youth with Dr. Chap Clark

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Dr. Chap Clark is a sociologist and author. His work primarily revolves around relationships, adolescents and family. In addition, his over 30 years experience working in direct ministry in places such as Young Life, Youth Specialties, Denver Seminary and several other churches.

He is the associate provost for strategic projects and Professor and Chair of the Youth, Family, and Culture department in the School of Theology at Fuller Seminary. He has had a number of books, articles and videos published.

Some of his past works include:  Sticky Faith, Counseling Teenagers (2010), When Kids Hurt: Helping Adults Navigate the Adolescent Maze (2009), Disconnected: Parenting Teens in a MySpace World (2007), Teens and Sex: A Leadership Video Curriculum (American Association of Christian Counselors, 2003), The Youth Worker’s Handbook to Family Ministry (1997) and many more.

In today’s episode we talk about one of his most well-known works, Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers.


3 Big Takeaways

  1. Every single youth has been hurt.
  2. Individualism focuses on me, but “legacy-thinking” focuses on continuity with future generations.
  3. Beyond words, you can lead and invite young people into a positive trajectory with your attitudes and actions.

Some question I ask:

  • Why have you dedicated your life to studying and ministering to youth? (5:05)
  • What is the biggest things that surprised you writing this book? (9:46)
  • How can adults cultivate trust with youth that have a hard time trusting adults? (19:20)

Sneak Peak of More:

  • Abandonment as the Defining Issue for Contemporary Adolescents (12:53)
  • Building a Safe” and Supportive Environment at Home (16:45)
  • Healthy Ways of Dealing with Conflict as a Parent (36:25)
  • Teenagers, Sex and Loneliness (42:13)


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