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Inside the Mind of a Filmmaker with Sarah Cordial

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Sarah Cordial is an Emmy-Nominated Producer and Director. From Syrian refugees to NBA superstars, her work highlights the possibilities embedded within all of us and resilience of the human spirit.

Not to mention, she is also the Host of The Daily Cordial Podcast. Here, she engages with leading experts in meaningful conversations about life, purpose, healing, self-discovery, growth, and purpose.  Notable individuals that have been featured on the show include: Blake Mycoskie (Founder of TOMS Shoes), Marianne Williamson (World Renown Spiritual Teacher) and Rob Bell (New York Times Best-Selling Author).

3 Big Takeaways:

  1. Allow yourself to follow your curiosity. You do not have to forever stay stuck in a job you hate. As time goes by, you will evolve and change. Not to mention, you will go through different seasons in life. Here is a question that Sarah poses that is worth thinking about — What is exciting you today?
  2. Deep connection only happens with authenticity. When the masks go down, the intimacy deepens.
  3. Give yourself time to grieve. When you don’t let your body and being feel the grief, you suppress it. Healing happens by experiencing the grief.

What We Explore in this Episode:

  • Growing and Evolving as a Human Being (7:47)
  • When You Miss Winning an Emmy Award (13:52)
  • Remaining Optimistic and Gentleness in Life (16:00)
  • Personal Growth, Spirituality and Filmmaking (19:17)
  • Living Within Tensions as an Artist (25:13)


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