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#116: Andrew M. Davis – Doubting God and Deconstructed Faith

Andrew M. Davis talks to us about his journey with doubt and deconstructed faith.

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#115: Troy Sneed – The Pain in Soulful Music


Gospel music producer and singer, Troy Sneed, takes us behind the curtain, to see how pain can become something beautiful. In this interview, Troy shares with us how he went from the hood to become a Grammy-nominated producer.

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#114: Lindsay Morgan Snyder – The Inner Critical Voice

Lindsay Morgan Snyder

Dealing with the inner critical voice of shame, worry, discouragement or abandonment? Lindsay Morgan Snyder helps us overcome that inner critical voice in this week’s episode. Who is Lindsay Morgan Snyder? Lindsay has worked with top leaders in the leadership space and written for everybody from Hollywood to Homeless shelters. She is author of Letting…

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#113: JP Dominguez (ft. George Lopez) – Be Humble with Your Status and Power


In this episode, JP Dominguez offers us valuable perspective on how to use our status, power and influence. Who is JP Dominguez? J.P. Dominguez is a media producer and political commentator. He graduated from Pepperdine University in 2010 majoring in Political Science, and he graduated with his Juris Doctorate in 2018. His political commentary is…

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#112: Jean-Marie Jobs – Transformational Leadership

Jean Marie Jobs

For several decades now, Jean-Marie Jobs has been an impetus of transformation in the lives of a myriad of people. Her clients include Fortune 100 executives, small business owners, non-profit leaders and a wide spectrum of people from different walks of life. In today’s episode, we tackle some crucial topics in leadership and Jean-Marie’s new…

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