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#113: JP Dominguez (ft. George Lopez) – Be Humble with Your Status and Power


In this episode, JP Dominguez offers us valuable perspective on how to use our status, power and influence. Who is JP Dominguez? J.P. Dominguez is a media producer and political commentator. He graduated from Pepperdine University in 2010 majoring in Political Science, and he graduated with his Juris Doctorate in 2018. His political commentary is…

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#112: Jean-Marie Jobs – Transformational Leadership

Jean Marie Jobs

For several decades now, Jean-Marie Jobs has been an impetus of transformation in the lives of a myriad of people. Her clients include Fortune 100 executives, small business owners, non-profit leaders and a wide spectrum of people from different walks of life. In today’s episode, we tackle some crucial topics in leadership and Jean-Marie’s new…

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#111: Lori L. Tharps – Colorism and Skin Color Bias

Lori Tharps

In this ground-breaking conversation, award-winning author and journalist, Lori L. Tharps, talks to us about colorism and skin color bias. What We Explore in this Episode: What is Colorism? The Wounds and Shame of Colorism What Happens When You Marry Someone with a Different Color The Story Behind Lori L. Tharps’ book, Same Family, Different Colors…

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#110: Sarah Beckman – When a Co-Worker or an Employee Suffers

Sarah Beckman

Suffering is an inevitable part of life. What do you do when someone in your team or organization faces challenging life events or circumstances? How do you truly support them? Best-selling author and speaker, Sarah Beckman, answers these questions and more in this week’s interview. What We Explore in this Episode: Simple and Effective Ways…

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#109: Long-Term Success and Legacy with Dr. Roger Parrott


President of Belhaven Unviersity, Dr. Roger Parrott, provides us with a framework for long-term success and legacy. Resources Belhaven University | Official Website Connect with and stay up to date with Belhaven University on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: @BelhavenU Instagram: @BelhavenU Can’t get enough? Don’t miss these: Kevin Malone on Winning in Baseball and Life Jeff McManus:…

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