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Luis Mangandi: Healthy Families, Striving Careers

Family. Marriage. Career. It is all interconnected. Don’t miss this insightful conversation with returning guest, Luis Mangandi.

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The Addictive Nature of Fame with Dr. Paul Hokemeyer

Fame, wealth and influence do come with a price. In today’s episode, Dr. Paul Hokemeyer, a psychotherapist that is an expert in the culture of wealth and celebrity, talks to us about some of the pitfalls and flipside of success.

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Elizabeth Grace Saunders: “I’m a Type A Person Longing for More Joy in My Life”

Are you a Type A person longing for more joy in your life? Don’t miss this insightful conversation with time management expert, Elizabeth Grace Saunders.

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Emily Hibard: Holistic Success, Healthy Competitiveness, and the Porn Industry


Emily Hibard is the CEO of Hibard Group. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Idle Tuesday’s Recording Studio. ¬†She is also the business manager for ¬†Crissy Outlaw. What We Explore in this Episode: What Business Owners can Learn from Sports The Mindset of a Competitor The Story Behind Idle Tuesday’s Recording Studio Art…

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Episode 100 Special: The Truth About Podcasting, Millenials and Success (Joshua Ogaldez, Mark Neely and Karol Krawchuck)

In celebration of recording 100 episodes of The Intersection of Success & Spirituality, the tables are turned as two of Josh’s friends, Mark Neely and Karol Krawchuck, interview him. An engaging, fun and deep conversation, retrospectively looking back at the journey at has been to record 100 episodes and the lessons gleaned along the way.

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