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Dr. Nathan Church: Why Can’t You Accept Me the Way I Am?

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Dr. Nathan Church has over 30 years of experience in marriage/family therapy and counseling. He is the creator of the Thinking Style Assessment, which he details in his book, Why Can’t You Accept Me the Way I Am?: Understanding Thinking Style Differences to Foster Effective Relationships.

As an expert in sociology and psychology, he has authored journal articles, a book chapter, and numerous scholarly papers presented at professional meetings. He consults with organizations and individuals on applications of thinking style, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, and the Strengths Deployment Inventory®.

He is the President of World Education University, and he has been a faculty member at University of North Texas, Pepperdine University, Seattle Pacific University, and Western Washington University.

He has been married to his lovely wife Debbie for over 40 years and has two adult children, and two grandchildren.


3 Big Takeaways:

  1. Everyone has a preferred way of relating to others. Fair Rules of Engagement will help you effectively interact with people, not overlooking their preferences.
  2. Including even people at the “bottom” of an organizational church can be highly trans-formative, effective and wise when making important decisions as an organization.
  3. Institutions are changed from within.

What We Explore in This Episode:

  • Theory of Spiral Dynamics (27:49)
  • How Our Thinking Style and Personality Impacts the Way We Approach Politics (49:04)
  • Millennial’s Societal Impact (51:25)
  • How the Thinking Style Assessment has impacted Dr. Church’s Leadership and Life (1:03:33)
  • A Meaningful Painting and Family (1:19:38)


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