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The Divine Conspiracy Continued with Gary Black Jr.

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Gary Black Jr. is an associate professor of theology at Azusa Pacific University and teaches in both the Honors College and the Azusa Pacific Seminary. He enjoyed a successful business career as a partner in an international Wall Street investment firm prior to a major life-shift that ended up moving him into the influential hub and space of seminary. Therefore, he brings a unique blend of economic analysis and real-world corporate leadership experience to his field of theological study. His Ph.D. dissertation was the first to organize and track the influence of noted philosopher, theologian, and spiritual formation writer/speaker Dr. Dallas Willard. To date, he has authored a number of books, including The Divine Conspiracy Continued (co-authored with Dallas Willard; HarperCollins, 2014) and Preparing for Heaven (HarperCollins, 2015).   


3 Big Takeaways:

  1. Our theology matters. What we believe about God matters. Gary Black Jr. talks about a time period of his life where he found himself depressed and a huge factor that contributed to his depression were his theological beliefs and ideas.
  2. When we have the courage to apply  the truths and commands of God in the crucial institutions of our society, our society will thrive. It is not about getting in trouble with God. Peace and shalom. Believe, know and courage to apply…. we, as a society, will thrive.
  3. The Holy Spirit gives you power to actually do what you say you believe. Doing what is right is not always easy. It requires courage, and it is in those time where the Holy Spirit supernaturally helps live out God’s truths.

What We Explore in This Episode:

  • Gary Black Jr.’s Life Story — Childhood, Southern Baptist Roots, Wall Street and Encountering Dallas Willard (2:21)
  • Returning to Proto-Evangelical Faith (27:00)
  • The Big Problem with Postmodernism (34:47)
  • The Myth of the Sacred/Secular Divide (37:36)
  • Courage, the Truth and the Common Good (46:26)

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