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Dina Glouberman: The Joy of Burnout

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Dr. Dina Glouberman is the pioneer of the Imagework approach to using imagination for personal and spiritual development. She is the Honorary President of the International Imagework Association. She is also the author of several books including: Life Choice, Life Changes (2003), The Joy of Burnout (2013), and You Are What You Imagine: 3 Steps to a New Beginning Using Imagework (2014).

One of the things that things that she best known for is Skyros Holistic Holidays in Greece, Thailand, and Cuba, which she co-founded in 1979 and continues to co-direct with Dr. Yannis Andricopoulos.

She has a BA from Brandeis University, an MA from the University of Michigan and a PhD from Brunel University, London and has lectured for over 20 years in UK universities.


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