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My E-mail Got an Automated Response, and That Was a Good thing



Did you know that the average office worker receives around 121 e-mails per day?

Soak that in for a moment.

121 e-mail PER day.

That’s a lot.

Not to mention, that is just the average. 

I get a ton of e-mails everyday, and I send a ton of e-mails everyday. That has especially been true in the journey of creating my podcast, The Intersection of Success and Spirituality. The number of e-mails has gone up, as there is so much coordinating, researching, and a number of other things I get done for the show through e-mail. 

In my experience, there are different kinds of e-mails. There are e-mails that are informative. There are e-mails that have some practicality to them and are necessary. There are e-mails that are a frustrating waste of time to read. And there are e-mails, that in the flood of 121 to more e-mails you receive a day, that get your attention.


I recently contacted on of my show’s guests, Jeff Tolle, an organizational coach and pastor, for something regarding the show.

And guess what? I got an automate response from him.

What did it say?

“I’m out of my office until August 9th. I have put my phone away and my computer to spend quality time with my family!” 

The e-mail went on to say that he would respond once he got back. It also left some contact information for his congregants, in the case they needed help from some of the church staff.

Why this e-mail?

Why did this e-mail stick out from the other 121 plus e-mails I get a day? The gift of this e-mail was that it reminded me of something I so easily forget.

It is okay to enjoy life, and our loved ones deserve the best of us. 

I have, countless times, been on my phone, not being present with loved ones. I have countless times been so driven to do things, to the point that I don’t take the time to simply have fun. (Crazy fact, I used to give myself homework during vacation in elementary school. I could not fathom the idea of doing…nothing!) I have, countless times, made some horrible choices because a pull from an organization, people or an opportunity was greater than spending quality time with family.

Ultimately, I chose to accept that pull.

Where do you find yourself?

As you look at your life, what are the choice you are making?

Are you trying to please everyone? Are you trying to do everything? Are you so set on striving that you have yet to enjoy life?

As I was reminded with this automated e-mail response, I pass to you the powerful reminder that I got:

It is okay to enjoy life, and our loved ones deserve the best of us. 




About the author, Joshua

Joshua is the host of The Intersection of Success and Spirituality. He has served in a number of leadership positions in youth ministry over 10 years, serving some time even in one of the nation's largest youth ministries. He has B.A. in English and a B.A. in Urban Planning from California State University, Northridge. He also holds an M.A. in Pastoral Studies from Azusa Pacific University. In this new season, he has dedicated himself to serve, inspire and help his audience live from a grounded, healthier place.

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