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#121: Janette Ok | Work-Life Balance and Womanhood


A timely interview with Assistant Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Azusa Pacific Seminary, Dr. Janette Ok. She provides us with some invaluable insight on issues such as overt and covert sexism in the workplace, current ideas on gender roles, work-life balance and so much more. Who is Dr. Janette Ok? Janette H. Ok,…

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#120: Joshua Ogaldez – Humility

Positions, titles, charts, stats… not bad things at all. Just don’t believe the hype. A short sermon on humility with Host of The Intersection of Success & Spirituality, Joshua Ogaldez.

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#119: Steve Shallenberger – Conflict Resolution and Problem-solving


Is there a problem keeping you up at night? Something in your company, team, family or life? Rooted in over 40 years experience as an executive, Steve Shallenberger provides us with invaluable wisdom to tackle the problems and conflicts we face.

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#118: Fraser Venter – God and the Marketplace

Fraser Venter

Before he was a pastor of a thriving church in California, Fraser Venter was a high executive of Fortune 500 company. In this week’s episode, he talks to us about God and the marketplace.

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#117: Joey Faucette – Work as Worship

Successful entrepreneur and business coach, Dr. Joey Faucette, talks to us about stewardship, productivity and work as worship.

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