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About Joshua


Joshua is an award-winning speaker and the Host of The Intersection of Success and Spirituality.



At the age of 5, he would record cassette tapes of himself giving inspirational messages and pass them on to family members. From there, he would go on to compete and place high in elementary school competitions and, eventually, university level competitions in public speaking.

In the present, he engages audiences with his creativity, enthusiasm and thought-provoking insights. He is most-known for speaking on emotional intelligence, helping listeners with tools and practices to both process and express their emotions in a healthy way.

A sought-after speaker, he has spoken at a number of high schools, colleges and conferences. His audience reach is wide on this topic, as he has spoken everywhere from Caltech to the Pasadena Convention Center.


Host of The Intersection of Success & Spirituality


In the summer of 2016, he interned with multimillionaire and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Lewis Howes. At the culmination of his internship with Lewis Howes, he launched his own podcast, titled The Intersection of Success & Spirituality. The goal of the show is to help high-performers and achievers with their spiritual and inner life.

Past and future guests include: Kevin Malone (the Former General Manager for the Los Angeles Dodgers), Megan Alexander (News Correspondent, Inside Edition), Rabbi Laura Geller (Rabbi Emerita of Temple Emmanuel in Beverly Hills), and Brittney ShaRaun (America’s Next Top Model Finalist).

Topics Include: “No Degree of Success can Heal a Wounded Heart,” “Letting Go of the Illusion of Having to Prove Yourself,” “The Lonely Achiever,” and “Rediscovering Sabbath.”



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